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    Long gone those days where people use to say there is nothing what can be done regarding permanent hair loss. Meanwhile, in Seattle, Washington, Ms. Minela Mujzda found a new technology of injected pigmentation into scalp to make a tattoo which looks like shaved head. Yes, injecting pigments in the head and that’s just like tattoo but looks same as shaved head. The technology is known as Scalp Micropigmentation.

    Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP hair treatment is a very cost effective, easy to get and also available for women. It can cover up those ugly hair transplant scars, alopecia universalis, as well as hair thinning usually found in women who take lots of stress.

    MM Seattle SMP work culture allows you to be at ease with us by setting appointment via phone or email and then meet us for free-of-cost consultation and know more about the procedure.

    Scalp micropigmentation or hair pigmentation for men and women. The treatment is available for men as well as women to cover up scars or hair thinning. With ease now you can get your confidence back to go out and stand in society. Our clinic will always be open for walk-ins and we welcome our clients for consultation so that they can know all the information regarding other information and make a decision for SMP, alopecia areata, or hair transplant cost.

    Our studio is famous for our work of people asking about bald head tattoo/SMP hair treatment. Please feel free to either fill the form on the website or just give us a call and fix your appointment.

    What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

    Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent medical tattoo similar to permanent make-up or traditional tattoo. The pigmentation/ink is specially formulated by the experts.

    Let’s go ahead and understand more about SMP. Human skin is consistent of 3 layers which are the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. The dermis is the outer layer. It’s the layer visible to eye and touch sensitive. The epidermis is the second layer of skin and it is up to 4mm in thickness. It’s the epidermis layer that will absorb the pigments/ink during a SMP treatment or a tattoo procedure.

    During a regular tattoo session, the tattoo machine is set to penetrate the epidermis layer all the way into the dermis to a depth of 3 or 3.5mm. The needles used in a tattoo are very thick and inject a lot of pigmentation/ink into the skin.

    During SMP, the dermis is penetrated to a depth of 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm. The needles which used in the procedure are extremely fine medically approved needles designed to leave a very small spot of pigmentation inside the skin. Thousands of these small dots on the scalp give the appearance of a shaved hair on a bald head.

    Scalp Micropigmentation is a completely safe procedure. We use only packaged one-time use sterile needles. Our studio stick fast to surgical justify rules to maintain the highest level of hygiene and quality of being neat. This greatly reduces the possibility of cross contamination from clients receiving treatments at the studio. The procedure is done in a private treatment room.

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