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Travis Crenshaw

I went to see Minela at SMP because my hairline started to recede a great deal. I didn't really know that I had options to treat my hair loss until I found her site. Such a smart way to treat hair loss for anyone. Whether you want more density due to thinning hair or you want to create a new hairline due to baldness.

Joshua Field

Minela’s work legitimately changed my life! I came in to see her to ask about repairing a brutally botched “SMP” job. It was so beyond repair that it needed to be removed and redone which was a very long and painful process. Minela stuck with me throughout the entire way and provided encouragement giving me light at the end of the tunnel.

Once the botched job was finally removed I was BLOWN AWAY (honestly still am) by the quality of her work. The unbelievable before and after difference cannot be overstated. Truly a life changing experience.

Minela is a master of her craft and one of the most kind, caring, and compassionate people I have ever been blessed to come across. She is passionate about her work and understanding of the importance it plays in the lives of her clients. Her attention to detail is second to none and she’s completed extensive training and education and is a go-to person within the SMP industry.

People like Minela truly make the world a better place!

Robert Holiday

My hair transplant helped recover my receding hairline about 60%. But I was still unhappy with how visible the receding was. It was recommended to me that i research SMP to see if it would give me the 40% that i needed. It was absolutely the best decision i have ever made. Minela is the utmost professional, kind, and funny. She isn’t the type that treats her work like a “grind” or her clients like an assembly line. She spends time picking out the exact type of color of pigmentation that will work the absolute best for your hair. She’s honest about what will look best and last longest without looking fake. I can officially walk around without a hat and feel unashamed or embarrassed about losing my hair. The reviews of Seattle SMP are absolutely 100% accurate. This is the only place you should go to for SMP work. I am so eternally grateful to Minela for her excellent work and consummate professionalism.

Alan Justus Atchley

Very professional and highly recommended if your balding or are already bald, She will help you achieve the hairline youre looking for!

Micheal Lawrence

Minela was amazing! She took the time to listen to what I wanted and assured that I was satisfied with the outcome. If you are thinking of SMP, go to Minela! Her work is fantastic!

Nicholas Paneiro

AMAZING!!! Minela is so great and down-to-earth! She is kind and attentive. She approaches each session with exquisite expertise and professionalism. I felt extremely comfortable and confident the entire time, and I am extactic with my results! My self confidence when from 0 to 1000. Best money I have ever invested. Minela will change your life. Trust in her!! I am forever grateful. 🙏❤️

Dean Burton

It has been one month since my procedure and I am very happy with the results! I feel much more confident afterwards and would recommend it to anyone struggling with their confidence due to hair loss.

Tony Tucker

Wonderful experience and could not be more pleased with the results! Professional and personable. Felt comfortable after the consultation and never felt pressured. Looks 100% natural, very minimal maintenance during the healing and very strategic as to being subtle during the process! I highly recommend Minela.

Jacob Nelson

Man I'm so geeked about my hairline. Honestly i didnt think it would look so good because its not actually hair , but i was totally wrong. Manela you are so professional and so good at what you do , you change lives (mines at least) . I thought i would be in a lot of pain because of the needles in my head but it wasn't bad at all (crown was a little irritating) matter a fact i fell asleep . I was also impressed that this little white lady knew how to do black peoples hair ( you get a star for that) , and do it well. Thank you again and i would recommend anyone to check it out , its worth it.
Manela you are the truth!!!!

Richard james

Minela went the extra mile for me making sure I was happy with the results. What she does is an art form, and she is a true artist. Thanks so much Minela!

Kamron Alsaf

I do my research when it comes to anything especially when it applies to things of a cosmetic nature. In this case however seeing some of the work from MM Seattle SMP on their Instagram page was enough to convince me of the excellent quality and I am extremely happy I made the decision to go in. The service and work was of extremely high quality.

Micheal Belay

At first I was a bit nervous on how the SMP would look like on my head since it was permanent, But the work Minela did was amazing and it looks natural, I highly recommend Minela she is the best in Seattle.

Amha Tesfaye

It was amazing result !!! It’s exactly what I need that the end result look like, l love the line and density exactly much the rest of hair part. No more hot now, just make sure not get break with sun screen. Guys when you want to do SMS in Seattle just come to Malian don’t even think about. she knows exactly what she dose super skilled, friendly passionate. I made the right choice and super excited with the result.

Micheal Smith

I have completed 3 sessions with owner/artist Minela at MM Seattle SMP and I am 100% very happy with the results thus far! Minela is an awesome artist with lots of experience and it's the number #1 reason I trusted her with my scalpel micro pigmentation tattoo. She is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns. She explained everything in detail before and after each procedure. And, she has a great shop that is very clean and comfortable. After my first session, she had perfected my brow line which is a very important step to looking natural. She also listened to my feedback and increased the darkness of the shading to my liking. I would recommend anyone interested in SMP to consider meeting with Minela first before making a committment anywhere else. Then simply trust your instincts and go with whoever makes you feel the most comfortable. She does not pressure you into anything your unsure about. And she does the best work I've seen. She also guarantees her work for 6 months against fading with one additional session at no cost! I will keep you all posted with a 6 month follow up but for now I'm super happy with the results.

No more hair products, no more surgeries, and no more hassle. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a lasting hair loss solution with immediate results. You’ll see a dramatic difference in your appearance after your very first session.
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